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Buying Alloy Wheels Online

Making the switch from stock 4×4 wheels to aftermarket alloy wheels can seem like a great idea, if a bit daunting. Here, we’ll try to take away some of the confusion and difficulty of shopping for new wheels. Read on to learn how to buy the right set of wheels for your 4WD.

Selecting the Right Size of Wheels and Tyres

When many people upgrade to alloy wheels, they go bigger—but there are other things to consider when upsizing. While large alloy wheels look stylish, they can adversely affect ride quality; they’re usually more expensive than smaller wheels, and tyres are more costly as well. Conversely, wider wheel and tyre packages offer better traction, which is all-important on a 4WD.

When choosing 4×4 wheels, do so with a focus on the maximum tyre size you’d like to use. While this may leave you with limited options, it can help you find the right size wheel for your vehicle. You may find that a one-inch smaller wheel diameter gives you numerous tyre options; after all, it doesn’t make sense to buy a sharp new set of wheels if you can’t find tyres to fit them!


Finding and Measuring Bolt Pattern

To find a wheel’s bolt pattern, you’ll need two numbers: the number of bolt holes on a wheel, and the distance between each bolt. For instance, a bolt pattern of 6×5.6 means that a wheel has six holes that are 5.5″ apart when measured across the wheel center. For five-lug wheels, measurements are made from the lug hole back on one side to the center of the lug hole directly opposite.

Hub-Centric, Lug-Centric & Centre Bore

When buying new buy 4X4 wheels, you’ll need to note the centre bore size, and you’ll need to determine if your wheels are lug- or hub-centric. To find the centre bore, measure the hole directly above the mounting hub’s surface. If the centre bore and mounting hub are the same size, the wheel is said to be hub-centric. If the measurements differ, the wheels are considered lug-centric.

Measuring Backspacing

Knowing the size of your 4WD’s backspacing is an important part of selecting alloy wheels. Backspacing is measured from the centre of the mounting surface to the wheel’s back edge; size varies depending on offset. A zero-offset wheel has a mounting surface even with the centre line of the wheel. A wheel with positive offset has a mounting surface that’s closer to the wheel front, while one with negative offset has a mounting surface closer to the wheel back. Wheel backspacing is measured by the inch—purchase wheels with the correct backspacing to ensure proper fit.


Maximum Load

All 4×4 wheels sold in Australia come with a maximum load rating, which can be confusing to a first-time buyer. The load rating is per tyre, and to get the total load, multiply that number by four. For instance, if a wheel has a 3500 lb. load rating, the total for the vehicle would be 14,000 lbs.

Getting the Right Wheels for a Lift Kit

If a 4WD has a lift kit, you’ll need a little more info when selecting alloy wheels. Contact the maker of your 4WD lift kits to determine which wheels will work. Once you’ve done that and you have the right measurements, all that’s left to do is to pick out the perfect set of wheels for your off-road vehicle. Also make sure when you buy wheels online, that you’re using a reputable wheel dealer that sells you quality products.

The Uses of Custom Mag Wheels and Tyres on Your Vehicle

There is a different kind of stylish alloy wheels in case you are not interested in the simple ones. These are known as Mag Wheels. They are known as magnesium-alloy wheels or simply the alloy wheels and they are completely cast out of magnesium or forged wheels.

They are used in racing cars since they are the lightest kind of alloy wheels available in the market at the moment. They provide great performance and are awesome in styling as well. They come with an unmatched style and that is why people mostly prefer them.


Stylish Alloy Wheels and Their Use:

These alloy wheels also make your vehicle look posh and greatly increases the cosmetic appeal of this vehicle. There are also many other specific kinds of advantages in fitting mag wheels in your car instead of the various kinds of normal steel wheels. The vehicles have less unsprung mass due to the use of alloy wheels.

It also leads to better handling of your vehicle and at the same time, it leads to improved grip on most of the road terrains as well. Keep in mind that the lighter vehicle will perform incredibly better and also provide the best mileage figures as well. Even in terms of balancing, these alloy wheels are pretty great in nature.


Balancing With Alloy Wheels:

With the vehicle balancing well, the stress on other parts are considerably reduced like the axles and the suspension. With the addition of mag wheels, there are different kinds of styling features that can be seen. You no longer need to use those hub-caps and avoid various kinds of ugly-looking steel rims as well.

Your car can look incredible but alloy and mag wheels definitely increase the attraction quotient of your car in a great manner. These wheels act like ornaments and they are meant to be seen by all. The best kinds of mag wheels maintain their look and attraction for years with maintenance at regular intervals.

They have the metal-chrome shine finish and should be enough to induce some envy in your neighbors. In case you think that alloy wheels are really costly, you should consider the fact that they are available in the market at one-third of the prices of the brand new ones. You will get the features and style of alloy wheels without spending a lot on them.

Custom Mag Wheels

Choosing the Best Wheels for Different Conditions:

Meanwhile, no matter what you are choosing, you should think about the weather conditions in which you will be using your tyres and wheels. Wheels and tyres Sydney should suit your vehicle best in any off-roading conditions you thrash your vehicle through.

Meanwhile, when you are choosing alloy wheels, keep in mind that steel is the most common kind of metal that is used in the wheels and although alloy wheels very strong and durable, they are not as strong as that of steel.

In case the car suffers from accidents and heavy trauma, there is a great tendency that the alloy rims can bend. In case you are determined to use alloy wheels, you should acquire the services of a tyres Sydney who know of the proper ways to ensure maintenance of your alloy wheels.

Wheels and Tyre Packages and Why You Should Search for the Best Deal

Wheels and tyres are the most integral part of your vehicle whether or not you accept and understand their importance in your life! The tyres on your car are the only contact point that the car has with the ground. Hence, no matter how much horsepower your engine makes, it is all of no use unless your tyres can get the power to the ground. The wheels are in charge of supporting the tyres, without which, your vehicle would be stranded!

Hence, you must have realised the importance of the wheels and tyres on your car by now! Choosing a set of wheels is easier said than done, considering the numerous options that we have at our disposal.


Wheels and Tyre Packages Over the Years:

Looking back a decade, the only way that people would come in contact with a new wheel design was via automotive magazines. There was no world wide web to keep us all in the loop. However, with the advent of the internet, people have started looking at alternatives to the age-old wheel designs.

Mag wheels have popped up, followed by a range of customisable mag wheels too! Hence, car owners no longer need to wait for something new to hit the professional circuit. All they need to do is head online and with the help of a few clicks on the mouse, place an order for the newest wheel design in the market!


Benefits of Wheels and Tyre Packages:

Everything that we want is readily available to us! If you are on the lookout for such a deal, you might consider opting for wheels and tyre packages since these offer the best deals on a budget. Most wheels and tyres and compatible, although, manufacturers and mostly retailers, tie-up products and put them on sale.

This reduces the overall profit margin on the products, which is then used to lure in customers! Just make sure that the retailer is offering genuine products as a part of the deal. If you like the quality of the package, it would be unwise not to go for it!


Cutting the Right Deal:

Wheels and tyre packages are available in a variety of sizes, quality and price brackets. Hence, you can be sure of finding something that suits all your needs here! If you’re looking to enhance the physical appearance of your vehicle, you might opt for a fancy alloy. On the other hand, if you’re looking to boost performance, you could choose a pair of mags!

Selecting the right pair of wheels and tyres for your ride can be quite a challenge. Hence, make it a point to lookout for the numerous options that are readily available. Do not hesitate to contact an expert if you need some professional help and advice while selecting the next pair of shoes for your ride.

Wheels and tyre packages don’t just enhance the performance of your ride, they enhance the physical beauty of your vehicle too! Go easy on your pocket, opt for a package that fits the bill!

The 5 Most Popular Cars in Australia

Australia is renowned for its diverse landscapes and people, and our choice in cars is just as varied. You would have seen the streets filled with Mitsubishis and Fords even ten years ago, but things have changed quite a bit over the past few years. Nowadays, people are opting for the more economical family sedans, compact SUVs and utility vehicles.

If you are in the market, looking for a new ride and want an opinion regarding the best-selling vehicles around you, here is a list of the top 5 popular cars in Australia at the moment.

Toyota Corolla:

The Toyota Corolla is a compact family sedan popular around the world for practicality, comfort and performance. Even though the first models were based on a rear-wheel-drive platform, the new models are available on a front-wheel drivetrain. The primary competitors of the Corolla in the global market are the Honda Civic and the Nissan Sunny.



The Mazda 3 is a popular subcompact in the Australian market, which is known for being agile and sporty. Four engine options are currently offered on the vehicle, ranging from 2.0 litre petrol to a 2.3 litre diesel; both displacing about 134 lb-ft to 145 ft-lb of torque. This versatile subcompact is a favorite among the youngsters as well as the daily commuters.


Toyota HiLux:

The Toyota HiLux or the 4Runner (as the Trekker is popularly known here) is the next best-selling vehicle here in Australia, and is popular for its size, towing capability and comfort. Even though it can be difficult for a pickup to be as fuel efficient as a family subcompact, the HiLux does a decent enough job. You can take your Hiluz to the next level to installing a lift kit from a recommended wheel supplier that supplies toyota hilux lift kits australia. The Australian version of the vehicle is powered by a 4.0 litre, DOHC, TRD Edition, supercharged engine block, displacing 306 PS. Talk about power!


Holden Cruze:

The first-generation Holden Cruze was a hatchback, designed exclusively by the team of creative designers at Holden, Australia. Hence, you could say that the vehicle has strong roots in the country. The current model of the Cruze replaced the Holden Viva and introduced a whole bunch of safety features and electronics to the market. The current generation model draws power from a range of petrol and diesel engine options, ranging from 1.6 litre to a 2.0- litre block.

Hyundai i30:

The Hyundai i30 is one of the most spacious vehicles in its class and is designed and tested in Germany. As a result, refinement and engineering are nothing short of world-class. The vehicle replaced the Elantra Touring, which hasn’t been missed since! If fuel economy is your thing, the Hyundai i30 is the perfect vehicle for you. The hatchback is a great daily driver, which can occasionally be taken on short road trips.